Are you interested in becoming a Memory Lane TV ambassador?  Are you a thought leader, advisor, or experienced community member sharing your insights and wisdom from living with, and/or caring for someone living with memory impairment?  We would like to extend an invitation to join a select group as one of our program affiliates. 

The first step is to apply on our ambassador platform (managed by Refersion). Once vetted by our team and enrolled, Refersion tracks the contacts generated by your online outreach through your personal affiliate code.  Affiliates are compensated on a commission basis and all commissions are automatically managed through the Refersion platform.  You can follow the traction you generate very easily by logging into your personal account space on the platform.

For complete details, please follow this link to apply to the program. If accepted, you will have access to your MLTV affiliate account on the Refersion platform and access to creative collateral (i.e. marketing materials), tracking coupons, and links to help others in the memory loss community to experience the benefits of Memory Lane TV.

Like our product but don’t want to be an ambassador? Post some of our educational and awareness materials below on your social media, it just might help someone you know, and maybe even some you don’t.
To do so, just copy and paste the message on the left part of the video in bold and post it on your social media.  And thank you for your efforts to help our community.

The Memory Lane TV team.