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To further aid you in your quest to find the best tools, helpful tips, and useful insights, Memory Lane TV has created this blog for everyone affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We hope you find the topics relevant and the articles useful in helping you to learn more about effective ways to manage the effects experienced by those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

We know that one of the best teachers is the experience of others, so please reach out to us if you have a story to share, or if there is a topic you’d like us to write about.

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Dr. John Zeisel is an internationally known expert on dementia care and treatment innovations. He has published research related to the needs of seniors and those with cognitive issues, including post-secondary evaluations and policy research studies. John’s work in planning and managing the environment for persons living with dementia led to lower rates of anxiety, […]
Hopeful Aging with Dr. John Zeisel interviewing Alban Maino, founder of Memory Lane TV.
Like a growing number of families and care facilities, you may have heard about Memory Lane TV. The carefully curated content on Memory Lane TV is optimized for people living with dementia.
More Than an Effective Intervention in Dementia Care, Memory Lane TV’s Intentional Programming can Help Us All Feel Better
Music and Memory: tapping All Five Senses to Ease Dementia: Alban Maino on the Science and Benefits of Multisensory Stimulation
Tapping All Five Senses to Ease Dementia: Alban Maino on the Science and Benefits of Multisensory Stimulation
Aromatherapy is a relatively safe, all-natural use of essential oils to support one’s health. Although research has shown that a person’s sense of smell may decrease as Alzheimer’s disease progresses, the nose is still an entryway for the sensory stimuli of essential oils because the nasal cavity and nerve cells in the nasal lining are the closest entry to the limbic system. This connection between the sense of smell and the limbic system accounts for the influence of essential oils on mood and memory. 
Something Smells…and I Like It
The mental wellbeing of people with dementia is crucial to overall happiness and health, improving the quality of life for both those diagnosed and their family and carers. Yet wellbeing is often a second or third consideration when being diagnosed, with little advice or help given on where to find resources that can bring joy, leaving people at the risk of feeling lost and understandably insecure about the future.
What are the best multi-sensory tool & gadgets?
How to Optimize the Use of Videos in Alzheimer’s land?
How to Optimize the Use of Videos in Alzheimer’s land?
The Relaxation Response is a natural innate protective mechanism that allows us to turn off harmful effects from stress through changes that decrease heart rate, lower metabolism, decrease rate of breathing, and in this way being the body back into a healthier balance. In this interview, Dr Benson explains how it works and the principles […]
The Relaxation Response. Dr Herbert Benson talks about one of the principles of our intervention.
Learn 7 ways to interact with your senses and your imagination.
How to Communicate Successfully in Alzheimer’s Land
An original song composed for Memory Lane TV by Folklorist Dillon Bustin.
“This moment here”, an original song for Memory Lane Tv, By Dillon Bustin